Myopia Control

MiSight contact lenses appear like normal soft contact lenses. They are a daily wear, single use contact lens that has been clinically proven and FDA-approved to slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) when initially prescribed for children 8-12 year old. They are worn during the day and removed (thrown away) at night. A MiSight contact lens has 2 powers. The reason they work is not that they reduce the reading effort which they do, but rather that they create a ring of increased plus power surrounding the central vision that the eye interprets as a “stop signal” for further growth. When eyes grow longer, they become more myopic.


Atropine is another effective therapy to control myopia. Recent studies have shown that low-dose atropine eye drops resulted in retardation of myopia progression. The ATOM study has shown a decrease in progression over a 2-year period. Atropine eye drops given at night decreases accommodation, and fortunately there are no significant side effects resulting from Atropine eye drop use.